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Hg shelve extension

Hg shelve extension

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23 Jul This extension is distributed with Mercurial and later. If you are using an earlier version of Mercurial, see ThirdPartyShelveExtension. 13 Apr Built-in help on extensions is available with 'hg help extensions'. To get shelve. ShelveExtension. Save and restore changes to the working. hg shelve -l -p [name of shelf]. To get the shelves list one could use hg shelve -l.

11 Apr The Shelve extension of Mercurial is useful to temporarily store away your uncommitted changes and then restore them back. For example, if. Mercurial Shelve Extension for the Lazy. | Comments. Have you ever been in this situation that that you want to hg pull some changes but you have uncommited. 28 Oct This post will cover how to install Shelve extension and then use this feature to move some uncommitted changes into a different branch.

hg shelve -y --git --force myShelfName hg shelve [OPTION] [FILE] I've used mercurial for a year, and had the shelve extension installed. When I remove the. 15 Feb If I enable Mercurial's shelve extension in my user configuration, SourceTree's Shelve function does not work reporting an error. You should. The win32text extension can cause trouble with hunk selection. This has been resolved in Mercurial and TortoiseHg , but requires proper configuration. 13 Jan Enabling the Shelve Extension. To turn it on, you need the following lines in your fwtagcreations.com file (or to enable it in just a single repository, add. 3 Dec This is an extension that is bundled with Mercurial and offers an easy way to shelve away your local changes so that you can either be.

If the MQ extension has been enabled, it can also move changes into and out of unapplied patches. The shelve tool can be launched by the Workbench Repository –> Shelve Before it modifies any file it makes a backup fwtagcreations.com Trashcan. 11 Jul Mercurial ships with a powerful plugin system to extend its shelve = ~/path/to/ fwtagcreations.com prompt = ~/path/to/hg-prompt/fwtagcreations.com The color. 22 Jun No need to feel silly any more, just add this fwtagcreations.com (or fwtagcreations.com for windows users): This is a shelve extension bundled with tortoisehg. Do your merge here, once you are done, import back your local mods 4. hg import UPD: Mercurial release introduces bundled shelve extension.