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Chp 5. The Skeletal System. Parts of the skeletal system include: Bones (skeleton ); Joints; Cartilages; Ligaments. Divided into two divisions: Axial skeleton (skull. 27 Oct The Skeletal System: Structure, Function, and Diseases of the bones and joints. Microscopic Anatomy of Bone. The skull 8 sutured bones in cranium Facial bones: 13 sutured bones, 1 mandible Cranium encases brain attachments for muscles sinuses. Skeletal System. What are the 5 Functions of the Skeletal System? 1. Movement: Skeletal system provides points of attachment for muscles. Your legs and arms.

The Skeletal System. Department of Biology. Mission Hills High School. Bones: The human body is born with over bones but quickly begins to reduce in. Skeletal System. General Info. Organs called bones; Adult human has bones . Functions of Bones. Framework. Supports muscle, fat and skin. Protection. The 3 major jobs of the skeletal system. The 2 minor jobs of the skeletal system. How many bones are in the adult human skeleton. Where over half of them are.

8 Feb Parts of the skeletal system. Bones (skeleton); Joints; Cartilages; Ligaments ( bone to bone)(tendon=bone to muscle). Divided into two divisions. THE SKELETAL SYSTEM. Purpose of the Skeletal System. Provides structure, support, and protection for the body; Involved in movement; Bones make new. Skeletal System. Function of the Skeletal System. Support- framework that supports body and cradles its soft organs; Protection- for delicate organs, heart, lungs. Skeletal System:Axial Skeleton. The Complete Skeleton. Axial skeleton. Skull; Hyoid bone; Vertebral column; Thoracic (rib) cage. Appendicular skeleton. The skeletal system provides a rigid framework to support and protect the body. Bones function closely with the muscular system to permit movement.

The Skeletal System. Kiersten Adams. Marianne Fritz. Heather Rawls. Christian Wilson. Group 1 Chapter 15 Lesson 2. Target Audience. Fifth grade students. Musculo-Skeletal System. Muscles + Bones = Locomotion. Muscles. When you work out frequently, your muscles get larger. What do you think is happening at. Anatomy of Skeletal System. SKELETAL SYSTEM. COMPOSED OF Organized in structural units called Haversian systems. Matrix is composed of Ca salts (Ca. Skeletal System. Purpose. Support framework; Protects vital organs; Works with muscles to produce movement; Produces blood cells. Facts. Your skeleton is.