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The chorus is the bit in the song that you can't help but sing along with. It is the most important element in a hit single because it is the part that most people carry . 24 Apr If you're looking for tips on how to write a chorus that people won't forget, take a look at this advice on creating your song's main hook. chorus noun [ C ] (SINGING GROUP) a group of people who are trained to sing together: He sings in a men's chorus. A chorus is also a musical part intended to be sung by a chorus or a choir.

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The chorus is a section that repeats several times throughout a song, using the same words and melody each time. Because it's sung repeatedly, it's the part of. chorus. (in an opera, oratorio, etc.) such a group singing choral parts in connection with soloists or individual singers. a piece of music for singing in unison. a part of a song that recurs at intervals, usually following each verse; refrain. Pop songs often connect the verse and chorus via a bridge, which as its name suggests, is a section that connects the verse and chorus at one or more points in the song. The verse and chorus are usually repeated throughout a song though the bridge, intro, and coda (also called an "outro") are usually only used once. 27 Feb A great chorus is like take-off: the bit in the song that makes you a) sing, b) cry, or c) sprint to the dancefloor. Or all three. Here are 10 May Chorus definition is - a company of singers and dancers in Athenian drama participating in or commenting on the action; also: a similar.

30 Aug Good songs follow certain structures and contain certain parts. One very important part of a song is the chorus. In this lesson, we'll talk about. 29 Feb Usually the chorus does come first, but many times I've agonised over where a good verse goes. Mutt Lange [producer of '(Everything I Do) I Do. chorus meaning, definition, what is chorus: the part of a song that is repeated afte : Learn more. Chorus: Chorus, in drama and music, those who perform vocally in a group as opposed to those who perform singly. The chorus in Classical Greek drama was a.